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Second Chance Athletes is a solution hub for athletes transitioning out of sports.

Founded by Darryll Stinson, SCA's mission is to help former and forgotten athletes find identity and purpose beyond sports so that they can experience hope, wholeness and prosperity in all areas of their lives.

We've developed a five-step framework to help former and forgotten athletes rebuild their lives after sports. Athletes who walk through our process leave with clarity of who they are, what they want to do and how they will achieve their new dream. 

The Five Steps: 

  1. Acceptance 
  2. Belief 
  3. Discovery 
  4. Pursuit 
  5. Persistance 

We have the proven resources to transform your life. From on-site workshops to online courses, coaching, consulting and more, we create change from the inside out. We offer a wide array of development and training programs built on timeless principles that get results




You know the importance of having a great coach in sports. The same principle applies in your life after sports. Great coaches help you maximize the greatness inside of you.

Our coaches will do just that.  Schedule a free strategy call to explore one-on-one or group coaching programs designed to help you dominate your life after sports.



Join the camaraderie of other athletes who, like you, are overcoming transition challenges and building their legacy beyond the game. 

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We go beyond temporary motivation to create permanent transformation.

We deliver skill-building content and cutting-edge insights that will educate and energize your audience.                

Learn more about our customized, tailored-to-you speaking services here.   



"This is exactly what I needed as I am just now transitioning out of sports at the age of 40 and trying to figure out who I am without sports."

Former Men's Body Building Athlete

Former Men's Body Building Athlete

“Over the past few weeks I've been cutting myself and wanting my life to be over because sports was over. I thought about killing myself multiple times. But today, after hearing Darryll speak, I found hope and a desire to keep living.” 

Former Women's Swimming Athlete

Former Women's Swimming Athlete

“I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one who struggled with my transition out of sports. SCA is something the world needs. I'm so glad to be a part of this movement. 

Former Women's Track & Field Athlete

Former Women's Track & Field Athlete

Darryll Stinson


Darryll Stinson is an entrepreneur, pastor, speaker and most importantly a suicide survivor. He played defensive end at Central Michigan University from 2008-2011. He attempted to take his life in 2011 due to an athletic career-ending injury. Through a life-changing encounter at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI, Darryll got a second chance and came to believe that his life mattered. He began the arduous journey of discovering what his identity and purpose was outside of sports.

After years of research, meditation, workshops, and cross-examination, Darryll gained clarity of his identity, found his purpose and began to help others do the same.

Darryll is the voice behind SeondChanceAthletes.com.

He is an executive pastor of Growth Ministries at Life Church International in Duluth, GA, where he oversees guest experience, small groups, and community outreach. He also serves partners with Fellowship of Christian Athletes to help athletes better their character, faith and athletic performance. Stinson a husband and father of three beautiful daughters is on a mission to help people experience life — and life more abundantly.

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