The Dangers of "Plan B"

career life after sports Jun 30, 2020

The Dangers of “Plan B”

At 18 years old, many walk into adulthood staring at the profound question, “What’s your plan in life?”, as if teenagers who are seldom independent should know how to answer that question. Often times there are two categories of life planners: The proud do-or-die Plan A go-getters that will not accept having a backup option, or the impractical dreamers that pack a world of fulfillment into their Plan A and mark their Plan B with the kind of dullness they dread having to face.

If Covid-19 has taught us one thing, it’s that plans don’t always uphold. So what happens when your Plan A turns to Plan B and there is no Plan C? What happens when your backup plan becomes outdated because you were too busy putting your eggs in one basket, only to see it ripped away?

Have a LEGACY plan. 

What is your endgame? What do you want to accomplish by the end of your life? Those are two questions that are essential to mapping out...

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Athletes & Activism

life life after sports Jun 04, 2020

Athletes and Activism 

What you can do to make a difference 

Sports are part of the fabric of American society, and often they've provided a medium for athlete protest. In recent years, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was the face of the movement. In 2016, he began kneeling before games, during the playing of the national anthem, to protest police treatment of minorities and social inequality. Read more

Since last week's death of George Floyd, an African American man who died after a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck, there's been a surge of sports figures speaking out. Some have even joined demonstrations that have swept the nation. Read more…

Also, the recent tension between Drew Brees’ remarks on the NFL taking a knee to join Colin Kaepernick's cause for racial equality has athletes using their platforms more to voice their opinions. 

Everyone wants peace, equality, and a better world, and it’s going to take...

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Dear Athlete, Life Threw You a Curve

life after sports Apr 03, 2020

A special message to all impacted by COVID-19

Cry, my dear athlete. Life threw you a curve.
It took the game you loved and gave you pain you didn’t deserve.
I said, cry, my dear athlete. Don’t hold back your tears.
You’ve lost the game you love. The one you’ve played for years.
I said cry, my dear athlete. Because you’ve lost a sense of self.
One moment you were a star. And now you feel like everyone else...
Wait! No. Don’t cry, my dear athlete! You’ve been here once before.
The grit it took to get here is the strength that will carry you forward.
I said don’t cry, my dear athlete. Who told you life was done?
Yeah, your sports career may be over, but life has just begun.
So no, don’t you cry my dear athlete. I know life threw you a curve. 
It took the game you loved and gave you pain you didn’t deserve.
So no, don’t cry my dear athlete, because you are not alone.
There are thousands of athletes just like you who don’t...

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NCAA Feature Article - Darryll's letter to sport

life after sports sports Sep 19, 2019

In celebration of the NCAA's 150-year anniversary, they released a video highlighting our very own Darryll Stinson's letter to sport. 

Check out the article and video by clicking here.

Help us thank our good friends at the NCAA for all the work they do for current and former athletes by sharing the video, commenting and engaging.

Also, if you are or know of a former athlete that still struggles to find themselves after sports, let them know that we're here to help them find identity, discover purpose and build their dreams. Our movement is strong and the camaraderie is amazing.

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Speed of the Game, Seasons of Life

life after sports Aug 16, 2019

Athletes and high-performers have a desire to reach elite levels of success in all areas of life. It is this desire to achieve more that causes the speed of the game of life to move at a lightning-fast pace. Just like athletes must learn to adapt to different game speeds, they must also learn to adapt to the speeds and rhythms of life.

Throughout this video, Ryan and Darryll share tips and strategies on how former athletes can learn to run at the speed that's congruent with their season.

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Sacrifice pt. 2 - Time

life after sports sports Aug 01, 2019

You can get more money, but you cannot get more time. 

Time is something that every athlete sacrifices to reach their potential on the field. 

The problem is that some athletes spend too much time on sports-related activities that they miss out on family moments and some of the best memories of those closest to them. 

Watch this video as we discuss how the time athletes spend on sports impacts their life during and after their career. 


Want to hear more about life after sports or connect with other (former) athletes? Click here to get the latest SCA content and news.

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Sacrifice pt. 1 - The Body

Have you ever put your body on the line during your athletic career?

Throughout this video, Darryll and Ryan talk about how athletes often sacrifice their bodies for the good of the team. 

Check it out. 

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Darryll and Ryan's Personal Intro to private Facebook Group

life after sports Jul 03, 2019

Check out this welcome video for our private Facebook group highlighting our journeys, why we decided to start the group and what you can expect to get out of engaging.

To request to join the group, click here


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life after sports Jun 28, 2019

Are you tired of nobody getting hype with you in the board room like your teammates used to in the locker room?

Or, maybe you’re like me and wish that somebody would join you in doing push-ups in between sending emails?

Either way, watch this video. It may be what you need.

Join our private Facebook group:

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Welcome to the first must-have that every former athlete must develop — character. 

Too many athletes end up with felonies, divorces and public humiliation due to their unwillingness to make developing good character a top priority.

Watch this short video to hear my thoughts on the subject and how you can protect your success by developing good character. 

For must-haves 2-5, visit Five-Must Haves for Former Athletes.


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