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“I started crying in my office when I heard Darryll's story. Since athletes are supposed to be strong and confident I thought something was wrong with me for feeling depressed and confused about my identity after sports. My coworker saw me crying and I showed her his story. She broke down and started crying too because her husband struggles with his former identity as and athlete. (Darryll) Second Chance Athletes helped me realize that I am not alone!”

Former Division 1 Athlete

Former Division 1 Athlete

“Over the past few weeks I've been cutting myself and wanting my life to be over. I thought about killing myself multiple times. But today, after hearing Darryll speak, I found hope and a desire to keep living.”

Archer High School Student

Archer High School Student

“The depression I was under was immediately lifted. I felt 100 times better.”

North Gwinnett HS student

North Gwinnett HS student

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